The history behind Half Mooned Yoga

Hi! There's only one (human) face behind Half Mooned Yoga, and that's Christina! Half Mooned Yoga came about two years ago after Christina finished her 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course in beautiful Golden, BC. She wanted to create yoga classes for her friends and family, knowing that many had never taken a class before. She wanted to have classes where people could laugh and meet new people. Life (and yoga) should never be taken too seriously! 
Christina offers classes at a lower rate because she believes that everyone should be able to enjoy a yoga class, no matter what their financial situation is! Christina will always be accommodating to those who may need a little financial assistance, and will never turn anyone away!

Your Half Mooned Yoga Team

These are just a few of the faces that you will most likely see either in person or online. Some like to participate more than others, so be on the lookout for them! 

Christina Gould

Christina was born and raised in Airdrie, AB, moving to Medicine Hat in May 2020. She only really started to get into yoga in her mid twenties, learning to love the arm shaking in downward dog and falling over in all those challenging balancing poses! Christina has been teaching yoga since August 2018, hosting outdoor yoga classes, small group classes indoors when it got cold, and also teaching yoga to a group of professionals on her lunch break. She loves to practice challenging flows, and just might challenge her students if she sees the right opportunity! Christina's favourite posture is Half Moon.

Christina is now teaching virtual yoga in the comfort of her own home! 


Christina and her husband adopted Goober in 2017. He's an old guy so he likes to snuggle and lay around during the yoga sessions. Often times he will sneak into the room as Christina is teaching an online class, getting in the way and trying to snuggle on Christina's lap as she is going through the seated postures. Goober doesn't like to be locked out of a class, letting everyone know he is there waiting! Goober has (or had) asthma so the fast paced flows are not for him! Goober's favourite posture is Savasana or Corpse pose. 


Sweet Matilda (or Tilly for short!) was just recently adopted by Christina and her husband. She came to them with quills in her muzzle and was more on the shy side. Once those quills were out, she showed her true rambunctious self! She loves to wriggle under Christina as she is in Downward Facing Dog, laying across the yoga mat. If there is a blanket around, Tilly will be sure to lay on it and make it her own. Tilly is more cat than dog, lazing in the sun, chasing after laser pointers, and trying to get on anyone's lap that will allow her. If Tilly could be around her humans 24/7, she would! Tilly's favourite yoga posture is Mountain Pose.


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